Details of the Offer

This offer at 0.6 cents a share arises due to a shortfall in the recent pro-rata rights issue. CRP has the ability to place this shortfall of 127,000,000 shares at not less than the same price until mid-August. After then any shares placed must be on terms relating to the market price at the time, and there is no guarantee that the opportunity to invest at .6 of a cent (at 5% or one twentieth of the last placement price) will remain.

The offer is only open to investors who qualify as wholesale investors within the meaning of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

Assuming all 128 million shares are placed, up to 92 million shares (representing 19.9% of issued capital) can be placed with any one investor, without breaching the NZ Takeovers Code.

Investors wishing to invest or who wish to discuss this opportunity should contact Chris Castle at or 021 558 185. They can then be sent a subscription agreement to complete and payment instructions.  The offer will close when the 127 million shares have been applied for and will not necessarily remain open until mid-August.