Media Coverage: SmallCAPS Investment Research - CRP creates rare earth elements subsidiary

Chatham Rock Phosphate Creates Rare Earth Elements Subsidiary for… Phosphate Deposit

on September 15, 2018

It has been a matter of speculation for many years that the seabed of the Chatham Rise, off the coast of New Zealand, may represent an untapped source of Rare Earth Elements (REE). This intriguing concept was based on historic sediment samples from the area indicating significant content for this group of elements.

Independent research by the United States Geological Survey has now confirmed that REE occur across a wide section of the seafloor holdings comprising the Chatham Rock projectarea and conceptual estimates for deposit size have been presented.

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In the News: - Barron's - Fertilizer Stocks’ Gains Have Just Begun

With the planet’s population surging past 7.5 billion, you might expect steady demand for crops and also for the fertilizer that’s essential for crop yield. Farming isn’t that easy. The mid-decade crash in grain prices threw the big agriculture stocks off the bull market’s back. And even as farm icons like Deere have regained favor in the past two years, investors kept a wary distance from fertilizer sellers CF Industries Holdings, the Mosaic Co., and Nutrien—concerned that new producers would weigh down pricing.

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