Chatham offers ready-made solution for soil and water quality

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The role of fertiliser should be included in the research initiatives announced by the government this week as part of Our Land and Water National Science Challenge.

It should identify what effect fertiliser use has on the quality of waterways. 

If it is significant, the research would underscore the importance of using Chatham Rise sourced rock phosphate as a local organic solution for New Zealand farms to help improve the quality of soil and water.

The product offers a low waterways run-off option, with several other environmental benefits.

Earlier this week the Government launched the latest challenge, which aims to enhance primary sector production and productivity while maintaining and improving land and water quality.  The challenges are dedicated to breaking new ground in areas of science crucial to New Zealand’s future.

Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce was quoted as saying when announcing the project: “From an economic standpoint they don’t come much more important than this.”

He went on to say there is increasing confidence new agricultural tools will be able achieve both these crucial objectives for New Zealand.

The Crown Research Institutes and Universities will be researching:

·       Identifying contaminant flow pathways and dilution processes in soil and water to help make better land management decisions and reduce environmental impact.

·       Exploration of new technologies such as such as drones, precision agriculture, and animal and plant genetics, information systems and diverse products to make the best possible use of NZ’s diverse land resources.

·       Designing effective collaborative processes and tools for achieving water quality limits.

So it would be logical for the scope of these research initiatives to also consider the important role fertiliser plays in affecting both soil and water quality. 

It’s already well established in field tests that reactive rock phosphate-based fertilisers result in equivalent crop outputs while maintaining a healthier soil profile and significantly less run off into waterways.

Our Chatham Rise sourced rock phosphate is a proven reactive rock phosphate which also includes significantly lower cadmium levels than imported rock phosphate.

Further environmental benefits arising from using Chatham rock phosphate include a much lower carbon footprint arising from both its adjacent location and reduced application frequency.



Chris Castle

CEO - Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited



Chris Castle

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