Chatham Rock Phosphate Raises $325,000 under Share Purchase Plan

13 February 2012

The Chatham Rock Phosphate share purchase plan closed on 3 February 2012. Under the Plan, 72 eligible shareholders have subscribed for 1,624,492 shares in total raising approximately $325,000 at the issue price of $0.20 per share. The Board is very pleased with this outcome given the timing of this offer and thanks shareholders for their continued support of the company.

In addition to the allotment of shares under the share purchase plan, Chatham Rock Phosphate has also undertaken placements today of 986,110 shares to qualified investors at an issue price of $0.20 per share.

Full particulars of these allotments are set out below.

On behalf of the Board,

Chris Castle
Managing Director


Class of security:  Ordinary Shares
Number issued:  2,610,602
Issue price:  $0.20 per share
Payment in cash:  Yes
Fully paid:  Yes
Percentage of class:  5.16%
Purpose of the issue:  Funds raised will be applied as announced to the market on 1  December 2011.
Authority for the issue:  Board resolutions
Date of issue:  13 February 2012
Total number of securities on issue following allotments:  53,217,538 ordinary shares