BBC Documentary about the importance of phosphate

Here are some fairly compelling reasons why investing in phosphate is a good idea (in case you needed to know!)

1. Phosphorus is the world's most important element – it is called the "bringer of life".  All organisms need phosphorus to sustain life – it is the backbone of DNA.

2. Without phosphorus the world could not feed itself and supplies in most countries are running short.

3. Morocco is the world's major source but that country is surrounded by failing or unstable states.  Morocco's hold on the phosphate market has been described as one of the world's most impressive quasi monopolies in history.

4. The price of phosphate has tripled since 2000.

5. Demand for the product continues to grow every year. 

These and some other facts feature on a 19 minute BBC audio programme found by one of our shareholders.  We thought you might be interested in hearing it in full so here's the link:

The BBC web page also has a link to an earlier written article on the same topic which covers some of the information in the audio programme.